Characteristics of plastic Packing belt

- Jan 11, 2018 -

1. High strength: PET plastic steel belt with strong tensile resistance, close to the same specifications of the steel belt, is twice times the PP belt, but also has the ability to resist impact ductility, more to ensure product safety.

2. High toughness: The pet packing belt has the plastic characteristic, has the special flexibility, in the transportation process may avoid because the bump causes the packing belt the breakage to cause the object to scatter, guarantees the transportation safety.

3. Flexibility: Jinan Samsung Pet belt without the sharp edge of the steel band, will not be packaged objects caused damage. The operator is not harmed when packing and opening the package and avoids all unsafe factors.

4. Adaptability: PET plastic steel Belt melting point in the 255℃~260℃, can long-term -110℃~120℃ between the invariance, has a good dimensional stability. Pet Belt due to material and production process factors, can be suitable for a variety of climate change, high temperature, moisture resistance, not like the steel belt damp rust pollution environment and loss of tensile properties, so that the strength of the bundle reduced.

5. Convenient and environmental protection: because of the light quality of pet belt, easy to carry, small size, save warehouse space, used pet belt convenient recovery, in line with environmental requirements.

6. Beautiful, not rust: steel belt will be exposed to the air and absorption of moisture in the air leading to rust, Jinan Samsung's pet plastic packaging belt will not.

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