Inspection of Shackle

- Jan 11, 2018 -

1, should be smooth and flat, no cracks, sharp edges and excessive burning defects, the suspicious area can be used for review of magnifying glass.

2. The shackle is tested with twice times safety load as test load. The shaft pins shall not have permanent deformation and can rotate freely after loosening, and the increment of the length of the fastener shall not exceed o.25% or o.5mm. 300 tons of the following twice times the safety load as test load test, 300 tons and more 1.33 times times the safety load as test load test.

3. The shackle can carry on sampling reliability test. The load is twice times the test load. The shackle shall not break or deform the unloading capacity of the buckle.

4. The safety load of the shackle is approved by M (4).

5, on the buckle body on the marked strength level, safety load and other marks.

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