- Mar 23, 2018 -

Scan.jpgThough winches don't actually come in contact with the load, their function of tightening and anchoring the webbing or cable is critical to the safety of over-the highway cargo hauling. With their versatility, winches and straps or cable can secure nearly every kind and shape of load, and even allow periodic tightening of the load as necessary. They operate in all types of extreme weather and rarely fail. Yet in spite of their importance, winches are often neglected and abused.

To give the winches the care they deserve, a quick inspection before each use will insure they are undamaged and working properly. Damaged or non-operational winches should be replaced immediately.

For optimum performance, winches should be cleaned to remove dirt, mud, road salt, and ice. Lubrication ensures that gravity will allow the winch pawl to drop freely into the sprocket teeth, and the sprocket will rotate freely. When not it use, portable winches should be cleaned and stored in a dry location. With a little care, your winches will go a long way.

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