Construction Safety Net Production Steps

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The construction safety net is the Labor high intensity industrial product, production of the first step is to buy raw materials, so that the original plastic particles high-density polyethylene seat raw materials, the use of mineral water bottle cap materials as a raw material, with machine milling, granulation, after the drawing process, in this process need to accurately control the cooling water temperature, the output of the thickness of plastic wire , color, flexibility determines the quality of the finished product, the next is the weaving network process, it also determines the quality of finished products.

The construction safety net completes the above operation also to need to carry on sewing, the first weaves the barrel-like net cloth to carry on the cutting, and so on after the sewing nail, after carries on the packing storage can, has any regarding the construction safety net the question to inquire.

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