How To Understand The Hang, Rope, And Tools?

- Jan 11, 2018 -

1. Steel wire rope with a wire rope as raw material after processing, mainly used for hoisting, traction, tension and load of the rope, the specific strength, light weight, smooth work, not easy to suddenly complete root fracture characteristics, widely used in steel, chemical, transport, port and other industries.

2. Hoisting belt complete rigging by the main lifting ring, link shackle, hoisting belt, metal terminal components, the main rings including long rings, round rings, combined rings and so on, the connection shackle includes bow buckle, chain shackle, etc., lifting belt including flat belt and round belt, metal end including all kinds of hooks and other metal parts, The sling can be set according to customer demand free combination.

3. Chain rigging is a metal chain link to hold the rigging, in accordance with its formation of the main welding and assembly of two kinds, according to its structure single and many only, the use of high-quality alloy steel, its outstanding features are wear-resistant, high temperature, low ductility, not elongation after the force, and its long service life, easy to bend, suitable for large-scale, frequent use of occasions, Flexible multiple limbs, a variety of combination forms can improve work efficiency, reduce costs and so on.

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