Use Environment Of Hoisting Belt

- Jan 11, 2018 -

Hoisting belt generally used in a variety of lifting industry, different lifting belt material, then its use of the environment is also different, we can according to their own use of the environment to pick the lifting belt.

1, hoisting belt with durable inorganic acid function, but susceptible to organic acid damage

2, polypropylene suitable for the most resistant to chemical substances in the use of the site

3, nylon suitable for the most resistant to the use of the place of goods

4, polypropylene has the ability to resist inorganic acids, susceptible to organic acid damage

5, nylon in damp, strong loss can reach 15%

6, if the hoisting belt may be contaminated by the chemical or under the high temperature will also reduce the service life

7, do not use the already worn hoisting belt

8, in hoisting, do not distort to use or knot

9, to choose the appropriate lifting belt use, do not overload use

10, each hoisting belt must carry on the inspection before using

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